EEN ODE AAN               

Wool and recycled materials
12cm2 each
Last summer was different from others. Where we used to fly over the borders, longing for new stimuli and an interruption of our routines, we now remained obliged to stay at home. Planes were grounded, routines were not disrupted. I have been looking for places in my surroundings that can offer me an alternative for a trip abroad, so that I can have this feeling at home.

It helped me to think in terms of possibilities instead of limitations. For my project I selected six places that will replace my trip abroad. These places are often taken for granted. The main similarity between these places is that I live in the moment. With this project I hope to inspire people to look for valuable places to spend their time. Places where you are in the moment, where you can let go of your routine and have full attention for the people who are with you.

The associations I got with the places are reflected in the weaving; patience and attention. Each unique weave symbolizes a place, the six weaves are an ode to these places. As long as you search and rely on your intuition, there are new possibilities, even in a summer in which less is possible.