Loïs Voss is a graphic designer based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. With her artistic and critical view on her surroundings, she visualizes a new perspective on the everyday image. She creates a universal language and inspires other people to take a critical look at their own daily scenes. From her senses she gets inspired and by focusing on techniques and materials Voss creates personal moments.

She likes to work with different mediums and is always open to try out new things. Sustainability is the central focus of her work.

2018 - present: Bachelor Graphic Design, University of Arts Utrecht (HKU)

2014 - 2018: MBO Graphic Design Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht (GLU)

Exhibitions & Publications
2020: ABRI Magazine, Academiegalerie (AG), Utrecht

2019: Multiplicity, LE:EN Utrecht

2019: Cover De Utrechtse Internet Courant (DUIC)

2019: EKSPO, HKU Media Utrecht

2018: Spread Uitleven Magazine


+31 6 50 20 74 04
instagram @kunstvanlo