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Two mothers
Through a conversation with my mothers I found out that they always choose their holiday destination very carefully. When my brother and me where very young, and as a young family with two mothers, people regularly stared at us and this could be quite disturbing. Because of this my mothers sometimes felt limited and we always came to campsites where many open-minded people came.

For my research I interviewed several LGBTQ couples about their holiday experiences. The only reference I had were my mothers so I was very curious how other couples within this spectrum choose their holiday. Something that came up in every interview is that the couples don't walk hand in hand during their holiday. Walking hand is hand, something that many take for granted, is the limit for them. When you walk hand in hand you show that you are intimate with each other and this is something they don't want to show to the outside world. Because walking hand in hand became such a striking phenomenon during the interviews it seemed interesting to me to do something with this.

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Photo serie
Two mothers
As a continuation to this video, I also wanted to do something with what feeling it gave me personally. I felt frustration, a kind of oppressive feeling. I've never experienced the limitation myself and the idea that my mothers can't even walk the streets hand in hand (also not in the Netherlands) is a terrible feeling. With this feeling I started to take pictures in an intuitive way and a photo series came out of it.