Iron Objects
Colors of groundwater

Iron oxide is a residual flow from the Dutch tap water. 60% of our tap water is groundwater and before it becomes tap water it undergoes an intensive process in which iron oxide, among other things, is filtered out.

How can we as designers anticipate the effects of design? And how do we actively make room for a conversation about this role? For this, we need a critical and ethical attitude. It is about thinking deeply about why and how designers create. By exploring the potential of iron oxide, Iron Objects gives new value to this residual flow.

By exploring the potential of the material, Iron Objects gives new value to this residual flow. Researching the functionality of the material, has led to work with plaster. Plaster is a natural product that requires little processing, only water. By making plaster with iron water, and coloring it with dried iron sludge, you give both components a function. And the interesting thing about bringing these materials together; it maintains strength and has a large variety of colors.

Graduation Project
Materials research
Handout: A3

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